About Us

Karunadu Product India Private Limited was founded by Mr. Shankar Dharman in 2017, headquartered at RT Nagar, Bangalore. Karunadu is setup to offer technology-based concepts for delivering more sustainable lifestyles. As an implementing company, we have a strong commitment to make difference through our work and truly believe that Success as a company does not occur in a vacuum.
Karunadu brand is associated with the continuous improvements for bettering Indian's life. We are proud to be part of this turning point, which has many, many more chapters still to come.
Our key areas of focus –
To build: Infrastructure, Communication & Service.
To bridge: Service, Living Condition & Education.
To achieve: Better lives, Employment, Economical Activities & Transfer of Technology.

Our Vision

To promote sustainable business modules for rural development.
Digitalizing pay, spreading organic awareness by selling chemical free products.
Offering various services to support well- being of people in rural and urban.

Our Mission

To develop a strategy to improve the economy of the households through agricultural development and sustainable use of natural resources.
To bring sustainability among rural livelihoods through Technology adoption by offering user friendly solutions.
To inspire Indians to get committed to Organic lifestyles to promote and support well-being and respect for all beings and for Mother Nature.

Our Values

Respect Mankind.
Offering services in all the remote rural areas.
Promote healthy life.
User friendly Service and solutions.